Azusa school district demonstrates new math program at Paramount Elementary (July 2, 2014)

We were honored through our family foundation to be able to introduce the ST Math program, a spatial-temporal program that helps students improve their achievement in mathematics, to all of the elementary students in the Azusa school district this past year. An article in the local newspaper interviewed school officials about it and observed students engrossed in the program and reported, “Dozens of elementary school students sat attentively, practicing their fractions, decimals and even basic addition on Monday, completely ignoring the adults walking around the room.”


According to Principal Robert Allard, they’ve noticed that “…the kids are moving at their own pace, and it’s a way of differentiating their learning…we’re seeing a nice benefit from it.”

These kinds of innovative programs should be available to all kids. I believe every child, regardless of income, race or location, deserves the opportunity to develop the strongest possible math and science skills.

You can follow this link to read the entire article.



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