Meet Bill

Meet Bill Bloomfield


Dear Friend,

Since retiring in 2006, I’ve spent much of my time and energy working in both the non-profit and political areas because I believe it is our responsibility to give back and try to make a difference.

     I grew up attending Los Angeles’ Public Schools, because they were amongst the finest in the nation.  Today, many public schools in California are failing our children, especially those from underserved communities.  As Senator Cory Booker has said, equal access to a quality education is the civil rights issue of our time.  And one reason I am involved is to help right this wrong.

     As a native Californian who’s lived in the stat nearly my entire life, I know this is the most beautiful state in the Union.  And I want to keep it that way.  I believe we can foster economic growth in an environmentally friendly way.  This is not an “either/or” question.  We must (and can) do both to keep our state thriving, both economically and environmentally

     I’ve gotten involved in politics because our government’s policy-making plays a vital role – the biggest role – in solving the systematic problems of our time.  I’ve often said that behind nearly every intransigent problem in the world is either a corrupt or an inept government.  And in order to get governments to solve our problems, we need to send the best and brightest with the highest ethical standards to Sacramento and DC.  So when I see a candidate, regardless of party, with high intelligence and ethics, I often help amplify his or her message so voters are aware of their opportunity to make a difference.   

     I’ve learned a lot along the way since getting involved in politics. And like most people in life, some things I’d do again, others I wouldn’t. Most importantly, I’ve learned to look beyond party labels. It’s why I registered as an Independent (No Party Preference) several years ago and was one of the early co-founders of No Labels.  It’s a group dedicated to putting country ahead of partisan politics. 

   Several years ago, I re-registered as a Democrat and have worked hard to support many Democrats, especially those trying to defeat Donald Trump.

     More specifics on my background follow.  My hope is that I can set an example for my grandchildren and others, showing that many who give want nothing in return other than the satisfaction of knowing they tried to make a difference and “leave the sandbox a little better than they found it.”


Bill Bloomfield

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