I’m Asking for an Important Favor (Mar. 24, 2015)


I don’t normally do this, but I want to ask you for an important favor.

There is a remarkable and courageously independent reformer named Steve Glazer who is running in a major special election for a California State Senate seat. This contest is considered by many – including me – to be the single most consequential state election of the 2015-16 campaign cycle.

That’s because Steve Glazer has the guts and integrity to challenge the most powerful special interests in his own party and in Sacramento – the public employee union bosses who run California.  Steve is one of those rare leaders who has put the voters and our state’s best interests ahead of the moneyed special interests that typically control Sacramento.

Steve had the audacity to go up against the powerful political arm of the teacher’s union because he wanted to make it easier to fire teachers who are sexual predators.  Then he opposed the unreasonable BART strikes which crippled the Bay Area in 2013.

For this, Steve has emerged as a threat to the lobbyists and their special interests. They will spend anything – and do anything – to stop Steve because his independence threatens their agenda.

In the primary, the government union bosses told Democrats he was a right-wing corporate shill while telling Republicans he was a liberal Democrat. Even worse, they deceptively sent mailers to Republicans encouraging them to vote for a candidate who had dropped out.  The Los Angeles Times’ George Skelton likened these dirty tricks to “mob bosses executing payback.”

Despite these corrupt tactics from his opposition, Steve won last week’s primary.  Now there is a run-off where the special interests can be counted on to double their spending against Steve.

Susan and I are committed to doing what we can to help level the playing field for Steve. But Steve also needs your help. Please follow this link https://steveglazer.nationbuilder.com/donate and give generously to Steve’s campaign.

Everyone has a stake in how this crucial campaign turns out.

We need to support brave candidates who put the people ahead of special interests and are willing to risk their political success in order to do the right thing.  I hope you agree!



Bill Bloomfield

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