A Victory for the Good Guys (June 3, 2015)

Last Thursday, Steve Glazer was sworn into the California State Senate to represent the San Francisco Bay Area’s 7th Senatorial District. The state’s pundits and insiders had originally predicted this dramatic political event would never happen.  Steve’s election is considered a game-changer by many.

Although a life-long Democrat and political ally of Governor Brown, Glazer dared to oppose the BART strikes and refused to pledge his loyalty to anyspecial interest agenda, regardless of their party affiliation.  For this demonstration of independence from the state’s most powerful special interests, the government unions spent millions to try and stop him in a cynically vicious mudslide of false attacks and dirty politics.

The voters saw through the lies and easily elected Glazer by over 9 points. Newspapers across the state reported Steve’s win for what it was – a significant defeat for the special interest politics of government unions, including the teacher’s union. It is hugely consequential for our state’s future that Democratic candidates know they can stand up to these powerful special interests by supporting a kids first agenda.

Susan and I were proud to be part of the independent expenditure campaign of education reformers that leveled the playing field for an outstanding and courageous candidate like Steve Glazer. This election is a victory for education reform and a sign of hope for our state’s broken politics.

There is much that needs to be done to improve California’s schools.  Steve’s election is an important step in the right direction by demonstrating that voters will put kids ahead of special interests’ lobbying goals when given the chance.  I hope you agree.

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