Bill Bloomfield on Current Issues

I believe that politics and public policy are too important to be left to just the politicians.  As citizens, we all have the right and responsibility to engage on the most important issues facing our communities, our state and our nation.  In an effort to draw attention to causes I believe in and involve others in our political system, I will periodically speak out on key issues.  I hope you’ll take the time to read and consider some of my commentaries below.

LA Times: Why the Harris-Sanchez Senate race is a good argument for California’s top-two system (Oct. 8, 2016)The LA Times recently published an Op Ed challenging the merits of the top-two election system.  My letter to the editor in response was published today and follows below: Why the Harris-Sanchez Senate race is a good argument for California’s top-two system … Continue reading
The Lesson of Paris (November 20, 2015)Peggy Noonan, three years before 9-11, practically predicted the very tragedy that was to unfold.   In a Forbes magazine article titled “There is No Time, There Will Be Time” published in the fall of 1998, she lamented the fact that a terrorist … Continue reading
Great-grandchildren, Iran and 2016 (July 16, 2015)It will be some time before I have great-grandchildren – my eldest grandchild just turned six.  But I know that my great-granddaughter won’t like the Iran nuclear deal for the same reason I don’t like political deals that trade unsustainable … Continue reading
A Victory for the Good Guys (June 3, 2015)Last Thursday, Steve Glazer was sworn into the California State Senate to represent the San Francisco Bay Area’s 7th Senatorial District. The state’s pundits and insiders had originally predicted this dramatic political event would never happen.  Steve’s election is considered a … Continue reading
I’m Asking for an Important Favor (Mar. 24, 2015)Friends, I don’t normally do this, but I want to ask you for an important favor. There is a remarkable and courageously independent reformer named Steve Glazer who is running in a major special election for a California State Senate … Continue reading
Are Open Primaries Working? (Feb. 23, 2015)Recently the Los Angeles Times editorialized that although the jury was still out on California’s top-two primary, they were encouraged with the results thus far.  My letter to the Times, which was published last Saturday, follows below.   I believe that our top-two … Continue reading
Getting Serious with North Korea (Feb. 09, 2015)There was a lot of press over the holidays about the cyberattack on Sony Entertainment and the effect on their Christmas day release of the Hollywood movie “The Interview.”  Most of the press focused on the celebrity gossip aspect of … Continue reading
LA Times: Political donor Bill Bloomfield aims to be altruistic counterweight (Dec. 11, 2014)Excerpted from the Los Angeles Times Political donor Bill Bloomfield aims to be altruistic ‘counterweight By Jean Merl December 7, 2014 Ask Bill Bloomfield why he lavished…on an assortment of candidates in this year’s elections and the retired businessman brings … Continue reading
Huffington Post: The Campaign Finance Game (Nov. 1, 2014)Often times, I have talked about the need for campaign finance reform to prohibit special interests’ influence over our elected officials.  Until that reform happens, we have spent some of our resources to help get the message out for some … Continue reading
Why We Do This (Oct. 27, 2014)I am sometimes asked – usually by reporters or newspaper columnists – why Susan and I are spending so much of our personal resources on political campaigns – especially when it comes to helping two individuals in particular. Here’s why: … Continue reading
YOU’VE GOTTA SEE THIS VIDEO! (Oct. 02, 2014)Take a quick view of the enclosed video – but warning:  it’s not politics as usual!  It’s a bit fresh, certainly entertaining, and even better…it gets the point across on an extremely important subject. (click the video player to view or click here) … Continue reading
A Science Fiction Story that¹s Really Science Fact (Aug. 25, 2014)It’s been almost 13 years, and the horror of 9/11 is receding as a memory for many of us. But the latest news from Ukraine and the Middle East is a sobering reminder that we live in a dangerous, and … Continue reading
Not In My Backyard (July 15, 2014)Inevitably, you’ve heard news reports showing the violent bloodshed occurring in Gaza & Israel, the brutality of the Syrian civil war, the violent ISIS takeover of Iraqi cities, the conflict in Ukraine and the very real threat of North Korean … Continue reading
Azusa school district demonstrates new math program at Paramount Elementary (July 2, 2014)We were honored through our family foundation to be able to introduce the ST Math program, a spatial-temporal program that helps students improve their achievement in mathematics, to all of the elementary students in the Azusa school district this past … Continue reading
Why Did We Get So Involved? (June 19, 2014)For some, politics is a hobby.  For others, it is a career.  For us, it’s much more important than either of those two things.  As we have just finished the “primary election season,” we wanted to share with you why … Continue reading
A HUGE win for California’s children (June 10, 2014)In January I wrote about the ground breaking civil rights lawsuit, Vergara VS. California, that challenged several statutes as violating students’ constitutional rights to an equal quality education. This morning, the judge ruled in favor of the children on all counts! … Continue reading
Why are the Government Unions spending millions to destroy a good man? (May 21, 2014)Why are the Government Unions spending millions to destroy a good man? Because they know Marshall Tuck will stand up to the Sacramento status quo and put kids ahead of their special interests.  Marshall Tuck has a proven track record … Continue reading
Who deserves special treatment in California? (Apr. 25, 2014)The LA Times recently wrote an editorial calling for special tax treatment for the film industry, as the majority of movies are now shot out of state — certainly disappointing for a state famous for being the birthplace and nexus of the … Continue reading
Marshall Tuck: Your most important vote (Apr. 10, 2014)There’s no spinning the sad facts about California’s schools. Our students are ranked 45th in the nation in reading and math proficiency. 2.5 million children – one out of every three students in California – aren’t able to read or write … Continue reading
Secret Surveys & Private Pledges (Mar. 27, 2014)The San Francisco Chronicle recently published an editorial that revealed that the California Teachers Association, one of our state’s most powerful special interest groups, compels candidates to answer yes or no to 39 questions on education before the organization will consider an … Continue reading
Who is Dan Schnur and Why Should We Care? (Mar. 13, 2013)It’s not high profile so it may not seem like it, but California’s Secretary of State is an awfully important office. The Secretary of State office (SOS for short) is responsible for running elections and making sure they are fair … Continue reading
Your Primary Vote Matters – Now More than Ever! (Feb. 27, 2014)Even though I’ve decided not to seek office myself as a candidate this year, I still care passionately about the critical issues that impact all of us and will determine the future of our state, nation and world. Despite all … Continue reading
The race for Waxman’s seat: Update (Feb. 10, 2014)Two years ago, I decided to run for Congress to fight against the excessive partisanship which has done so much damage to our nation by grid locking progress. I also wanted to 1) set an example as an Independent (No … Continue reading
Congressman Henry Waxman (Jan. 30, 2014)Today, one of America’s longest serving public servants unexpectedly announced he is retiring from Congress – an institution he’s been a member of for the past 40 years. Over the last two years, I’ve gotten to know Congressman Waxman – … Continue reading
State of the Union: Divided by Partisanship (Jan. 30, 2014)President Obama delivered the annual State of the Union to Congress and America earlier this week. Predictably, Democrats cheered the President’s remarks while Republicans denounced them. On some issues, the President offered areas where there’s a real possibility to work … Continue reading
A Crucial Civil Right’s Case for California’s Children (Jan. 22, 2014)Next week the ground breaking civil rights lawsuit, Vergara VS. California, will be heard in Los Angeles Superior Court. The stakes could not be higher: Does California’s Constitution ensure all our children have a fundamental right to equality in education? … Continue reading
America’s Jobs Crisis (Jan. 15, 2014)Last Friday, the government issued the employment report for December. To the surprise of economists, who had expected payrolls to swell by approximately 200,000 jobs, only 74,000 jobs were added to the economy. That’s only 37% of what was forecast … Continue reading
FW: Former Defense Secretary Gates Criticizes Foreign Policy (Jan. 09, 2014)In Case You Missed It – Former Secretary Robert Gates has published a new book in which he is critical of American foreign and defense policy in the Middle East. This reinforces my concerns about the continued safety of Israel … Continue reading
New Year’s Resolutions for Our Country (Dec. 30, 2013)I’d like to share with you some thoughts on New Year’s resolutions for our country: For President Obama: Less campaigning and more governing. Fire the White House political staff, starting with the pollsters, and do not replace them. You’re not … Continue reading
$125,000 for a 3-D Pizza? (Dec. 19, 2013)U.S. Senator Tom Coburn has just released his annual “Wastebook” which outlines 100 examples of federal government spending totaling $30 billion he calls wasteful. Few on Capitol Hill actually bother to go through the entire federal budget line-by-line to find … Continue reading
The Lessons of Nelson Mandela (Dec. 11, 2013)The recent passing of former South African President Nelson Mandela provides us with an opportunity to reflect on powerful lessons about life, humanity, forgiveness and transcending the pettiness of politics. Nelson Mandela’s example is one that all Americans, particularly our … Continue reading
“Realignment” Leading to Higher Crime (Dec. 04, 2013)Two years ago, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB109, legislation which was titled “Public Safety Realignment” into law. The legislation was prompted by federal judges ordering a dramatic reduction in the number of state prison inmates. As the Criminal Justice Legal … Continue reading
Is Bibi Right? (Nov. 25, 2013)So, does the deal “cut off Iran’s more likely path to a bomb” as President Obama claims, or does it “make the world a much more dangerous place” as Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu claims? While the world hopes … Continue reading
Fw: Alan M. Dershowitz – Oppose the Deal on Iran (Nov. 20, 2013)I’m deeply concerned about a potential “bad” deal with Iran on nuclear weapons development that could ultimately endanger both the United States and the safety of Israel. I believe we need even tougher economic sanctions against Iran in order to … Continue reading
Credibility (Nov. 12, 2013)It is no surprise to those paying close attention that not everyone was going to be able to keep his or her health insurance once the Affordable Care Act kicked in. After all, one of the perceived benefits of Obama … Continue reading
A Lesson in Education (Nov. 7, 2013)Last week I forwarded to you an unprecedented email from the United Way of Greater Los Angeles asking citizens to contact the L.A. Unified Board of Education and urge them to keep education reformer John Deasy on as the Superintendent. … Continue reading
FWD: Urgent and Important Message from United Way (Oct. 29, 2013)The students of Los Angeles urgently need you to take immediate action. Please see the email below from Elise Buik, the CEO of the United Way of Greater LA. I hope you will join us in reaching out to the … Continue reading
Where Do We Go From Here? (Oct. 24, 2013)A default on our national debt was barely avoided and the partial shutdown of the government has ended – for now. Congress and the President reached a temporary deal which funds government through January 15th and raises the debt limit until February 7th. … Continue reading
Default Barely Averted: How Did This Crisis Happen? (Oct. 17, 2013)Last night, the United States Congress voted at the last minute to avert a default by the American government. Economists warned that failure to do so could have had a negative economic impact larger than the Great Recession of 2008. … Continue reading
Let’s Shut Down the Shutdown! (Oct. 10, 2013)The shutdown of the Federal government is now in its second week – with no end in sight. Even worse, the United States is in danger of defaulting on its debt as the deadline for Congress to raise the nation’s … Continue reading
Shouldn’t We Put “Jobs First”? (Oct. 4, 2013)Once again, excessive partisanship is hurting our nation and damaging our economy. Continued dysfunctional politics in Washington has led to a government shutdown. It’s time to call a truce to the political bickering. No Labels, a bi-partisan political reform organization … Continue reading
Will You Help Create Better Schools? (Sept. 18, 2013)A recent development in Los Angeles gives new meaning to a question that some have dared ask before: What are each of us willing to do to achieve better schools? This past week, LA Unified School District Deputy Superintendent Jaime … Continue reading
The Water’s Edge? (Sept. 12, 2013)The nation’s – and the world’s – attention is focused on the President, Congress and Syria. What the United States decides to do – or not do – could have a significant impact on the proliferation of chemical weapons, the … Continue reading
Amateur Hour… What should Israel think? (Sept. 6, 2013)Regardless of whether you think Congress should support or oppose President Obama’s request for authorization to conduct air strikes against Syria, it seems most of us can agree that this has not been the President’s finest hour. I have supported … Continue reading
What’s Matt Damon Thinking?? (Aug. 22, 2013)I appreciate Matt Damon’s acting and many of his movies. He’s a talented actor. But when it comes to improving schools in California and the nation, I don’t know what he’s thinking! Matt Damon made news recently for his opposition … Continue reading
Do You Agree with President Obama or Special Interests? (Aug. 9, 2013)Do you agree with President Obama that our kids deserve the best teachers so they can get the best education possible? California’s politicians don’t. In fact, California is one of the only states refusing to comply with the President’s efforts … Continue reading
Make a Difference for Homeless Veterans (July 18, 2013)Los Angeles County has long been considered the homeless capital of the nation. That’s a sad distinction we need to change. There are more than 9,000 veterans who are homeless on our streets. This is a shameful fact. These veterans … Continue reading
A Special 4th of July Message from Bill (July 4, 2013)As we prepare to celebrate the 237th anniversary of the day our nation declared its independence, let us remember how blessed we are to live in the greatest democracy in the history of mankind, but also how precious and fragile … Continue reading
It’s Time to Fix Our Immigration System (June 27, 2013)Several years ago I registered as an Independent and was an early member of the non-partisan organization, “No Labels”, which is dedicated to ending hyper-partisanship in Congress, because I believed both major parties were failing the American people. They have … Continue reading
Chemical Weapons, President Clinton and Syria (June 14, 2013)Last year, as a candidate for Congress, I advocated having the United States and its NATO allies establish a “No Fly Zone” over Syria. I believed such a policy to prevent the Syrian government from using its air power to … Continue reading
End Partisanship in IRS Investigation! (May 23, 2013)The three scariest letters in the English language are IRS. It’s intimidating enough to have to deal with the IRS on the most mundane of tax matters. But scary takes on a whole new meaning when the possibility exists that … Continue reading
Support Students Over Special Interests (April 25, 2013)Whether you have a child or know a child who attends a school in the Los Angeles Unified School District, you are affected by what happens in the largest school district in the state. Hundreds of thousands of children attend … Continue reading
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (April 15, 2013)I want to take this opportunity to update you on some important developments – and Congressman Henry Waxman’s role in them – at both the national and local level in recent weeks that impact our nation’s finances and the quality … Continue reading
A Victory for Reform: Senate Finally Passes Budget (Mar. 28, 2013)I’d like to draw your attention to a real victory for reform that occurred this past weekend. The United States Senate finally passed a federal budget after four years of failing to do so. This budget was passed through the … Continue reading
Kate Anderson for LAUSD Board (Feb. 7, 2013)Community leader, local businessman, philanthropist and former Independent Congressional Candidate Bill Bloomfield today announced that he is enthusiastically endorsing Kate Anderson for the District 4 seat on the Los Angeles Unified School Board in the March 5th election. Anderson is … Continue reading
Reforms are shaking up political status quo (Jan. 30, 2013)Last week the Sacramento Bee newspaper ran an opinion piece I wrote about how recent political reforms I worked hard to pass are shaking up California politics and making politicians more accountable. This is good news for all of us, … Continue reading