Why We Do This (Oct. 27, 2014)

I am sometimes asked – usually by reporters or newspaper columnists – why Susan and I are spending so much of our personal resources on political campaigns – especially when it comes to helping two individuals in particular.

Here’s why:

Our current system discourages good people from running for public office. I think many of us would agree that our state and nation are suffering as a result. Running for office requires too much time raising money to pay for advertising to get their name known and message out. The expensive cost of campaigning forces too many candidates to rely on special interests to finance their races.  We want our representatives in government to be beholden only to the voters, not the special interests.

Until our campaign finance system is overhauled, we are trying to level the playing field for smart, ethical, good government type candidates who refuse to be part of the “pay to play” system that funnels cash from special interests who want favorable action from the government in return.

After working with and donating to many philanthropies over the years, we’ve found that nothing has a more far-reaching positive effect than having highly intelligent and ethical policy-makers in government.

Marshall Tuck and Ben Allen are both exceptional candidates. They are smart, ethical, competent and committed to serving the public with integrity.  We are very fortunate that they are willing to make the sacrifice to run for public office. They also share the deep passion that Susan and I have for improving California’s public schools.

We are gratified that there are candidates like Marshall and Ben worthy of supporting. Susan and I will continue to do what we can to encourage and support such outstanding individuals. We want nothing in return other than to know we have done what we can in the quest for good government.

I hope you agree and that you will also seriously consider voting for Marshall Tuck and, if you live in the 26th Senate district, for Ben Allen.

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