End Partisanship in IRS Investigation! (May 23, 2013)

The three scariest letters in the English language are IRS.

It’s intimidating enough to have to deal with the IRS on the most mundane of tax matters. But scary takes on a whole new meaning when the possibility exists that the massive power of the Internal Revenue Service could be used in a political manner to target certain organizations or individuals on the basis of political ideology, partisan affiliation or even support for a pro-American democracy such as Israel.

The recent revelations about such political targeting by the IRS has led to an apology by the federal agency and the promise of congressional hearings by both Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill. Democratic Senator and Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus of Montana has already stated that his committee will be holding bi-partisan hearings.

All Americans, regardless of political affiliation, should be concerned about the IRS scandal. No arm of the government, whether it is the FBI, the IRS or Homeland Security should be abused in a partisan and political manner against any American for any reason.

But it is also wrong to turn the IRS controversy into a political weapon against the Administration in order to simply score partisan political points. I urge Republican leaders to avoid committing such a disservice to the American people.

I commend those Democratic leaders such as Senator Baucus, Sen. McCaskill of Missouri and Congressman Cummings of Maryland who have denounced the IRS abuse of power and called for it to be investigated.

We deserve to learn all the facts first, find the truth and get to the bottom of this scandal. We also deserve not to have the investigation turned into a partisan and salacious political witch hunt.

That’s why I support the appointment of a respected non-partisan law enforcement official to serve as an Independent Special Prosecutor to investigate the political targeting by the IRS.

This should not become another partisan football over which the two major political parties fight and argue while the best interests of the American people – and the nation – are quickly forgotten. Excessive partisanship that damages America is why I chose to become, and remain, an Independent.

I hope you agree with me on this issue.

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