Congressman Henry Waxman (Jan. 30, 2014)

Today, one of America’s longest serving public servants unexpectedly announced he is retiring from Congress – an institution he’s been a member of for the past 40 years.

Over the last two years, I’ve gotten to know Congressman Waxman – first as his opponent, then a constituent, and finally, on a more personal level through our numerous interactions.

While many are speculating on who will seek to succeed Congressman Waxman – that can wait for another day. Now is the time to honor and thank Congressman Waxman for his public service and many accomplishments. And to thank him in advance for the work yet to be done in 2014 as there is much Congress needs to tackle this year.

I’d like to offer my gratitude to Congressman Waxman for his dedication to public service and wish him the best personally in his upcoming life as a private citizen.




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