Why are the Government Unions spending millions to destroy a good man? (May 21, 2014)

Why are the Government Unions spending millions to destroy a good man?

Because they know Marshall Tuck will stand up to the Sacramento status quo and put kids ahead of their special interests.  Marshall Tuck has a proven track record as an educator and school executive who turned around some of the most troubled public schools in the state.  He cut bureaucracy and improved student achievement.

In fact, every major California Newspaper has endorsed Marshall over the lackluster incumbent, Tom Torlakson, who is a career politician widely seen as unwilling to challenge the unions (who fund his campaigns.)

In contrast, Marshall Tuck is an independent voice with widespread support:

“Marshall Tuck, is the clear choice…(he) has a history of being an aggressive, high-energy education innovator.”  —The San Diego Union-Tribune

“(Tuck) has the experience and track record in some of the state’s toughest schools to convincingly plot a turnaround of California’s schools.”  —The Sacramento Bee

“Tuck, with his ‘kids first’ mantra, would be a refreshingly independent voice to challenge the status quo.”  —The San Francisco Chronicle

“Tuck would be a force for overdue change at a time when the legislature has been too resistant to reforms that might upset union campaign contributors.”  —The Los Angeles Times

I am voting for Marshall Tuck because he is a force for positive change in improving education.

I hope you agree.


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