Who deserves special treatment in California? (Apr. 25, 2014)

The LA Times recently wrote an editorial calling for special tax treatment for the film industry, as the majority of movies are now shot out of state — certainly disappointing for a state famous for being the birthplace and nexus of the film industry. But are we to lament only the loss of this industry when California ranks dead last (#50) in the 2013 list of the Best and Worst states in which to do business? (source: Chief Executive Magazine)

What follows is my letter to the LA Times, which will be in tomorrow’s(Saturday) paper. There is a lot Sacramento can do to create quality jobs in California. Limiting those efforts to one industry – the film industry in this case – for special treatment won’t materially impact our jobs problem. We should expand our lens to all businesses that are creating high quality jobs.


Re “To not nix pix, state must use tax trix,” Editorial, April 21

You fail to explain why you are singling out the film industry for special tax treatment when there are countless other businesses providing equally good jobs in need of incentives for staying in, or returning to, California. The state should determine what constitutes a “favored” business and set its tax policy accordingly.

In fact, all nonpolluting businesses that pay a living wage and provide health and retirement benefits to their employees should pay lower taxes than those that don’t. And, by the way, businesses with employment cycles lasting a bit longer than the time it takes to make a movie, perhaps, should pay even less.

Bill Bloomfield
Manhattan Beach



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