Kate Anderson for LAUSD Board (Feb. 7, 2013)

Community leader, local businessman, philanthropist and former Independent Congressional Candidate Bill Bloomfield today announced that he is enthusiastically endorsing Kate Anderson for the District 4 seat on the Los Angeles Unified School Board in the March 5th election.

Anderson is a parent, the founder of a non-profit child advocacy organization that works statewide on education and early childhood learning and development, a former aide to both Congressman Henry Waxman and former Congresswoman Jane Harman, an attorney, and an elected member of the Mar Vista Community Council.

Bloomfield stated, “Kate Anderson is a passionate advocate for children and a leader on improving education. She has worked to provide greater opportunities for all children by expanding child care availability and access to health care. She is running on a platform ensuring parents have a meaningful role in their children’s education and that teachers have all the resources they need to be successful. She is committed to doing more to support, retain, and encourage teachers.

“Kate Anderson is a proven reformer who has the record, the experience, and the skills we need to help turn around the badly troubled LA Unified School system. In contrast, her opponent is incumbent Steve Zimmer, who is backed by special interests and supports placing a moratorium on charter schools. Zimmer would effectively limit the ability of some of Los Angeles’ most disadvantaged children to have a chance at a quality education. I’m also deeply concerned that Steve Zimmer is not supportive of LAUSD Superintendent Deasy, who is fighting so hard to change a broken school system.

“This school board race is crucial to the future of the largest school system in California and will affect the quality of education for millions of children in the years ahead. I strongly urge all voters living in the 4th District to cast their vote for Kate Anderson and encourage their neighbors to do the same. If you don’t live in Kate’s district, you can support her candidacy by going to the contribution page on her website at www.kateanderson.org and donating to her campaign.

“Every one of us is impacted by what happens in the LA Unified School District. Those of us who believe in education reform to fix that system and improve those schools by every means necessary – including supporting and creating charter schools – can’t sit on the sidelines and allow the special interests to further their agenda at the expense of children and parents. I encourage you to support Kate Anderson on March 5th in this very important election,” concluded Bloomfield.

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