Your Primary Vote Matters – Now More than Ever! (Feb. 27, 2014)

Even though I’ve decided not to seek office myself as a candidate this year, I still care passionately about the critical issues that impact all of us and will determine the future of our state, nation and world.

Despite all the cynicism about the political system, our votes do count and can make a real difference. But an astounding 80% of all registered voters don’t participate in our primary elections. Too often, that allows the extremes of both parties to skew the process.

Under California’s new top-two election system, you can vote for any candidate regardless of party, and the top two vote getters advance to the November general election. In several races, there may be more than eight candidates running in the primary – which means that the primary will eliminate six or more candidates while the general election will only eliminate one. Thus, the primary is far and away the most important election of the two.

This year’s primary election is on June 3rd, and there are extremely important races for Secretary of State, Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Congressional Representative for the 33rd District, the State Senator for the 26th District, as well as your local assembly race.
I will be weighing in with my views on these important positions. Please join me in closely studying the candidates for these offices and choosing to vote in the June 3rd primary to ensure your views are heard. Don’t let the special interests have a disproportionate say in who appears on the final ballot in November. Of course, if you are passionate about one or more of the candidates for public office, this is the time to sign up with their campaigns to volunteer now as you can help them successfully make it through the primary.

Your vote is important. I hope you agree.


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