• Smoking Death Billboard Turns Twenty-Five

    Los Angeles, CA – Twenty-Five years ago today, Bill Bloomfield and his father, took on the powerful Tobacco industry by erecting a billboard on Santa Monica Boulevard that makes people aware of the dangers of smoking by electronically counting nearly one smoking death a minute. According to the Surgeon General, smoking harms nearly every organ […]

  • Former Central Intelligence Agency Director James Woolsey Appears in TV Ad for Bill Bloomfield

    Los Angeles, CA – The Bill Bloomfield for Congress campaign today released a new television ad this week featuring James Woolsey, President Bill Clinton’s Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and current Chairman of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. In the ad, Woolsey praises Bloomfield, the Independent Candidate for California’s 33rd Congressional District, […]

  • CA Independent Voter Organization Endorses Bill Bloomfield

    CALIFORNIA– Proclaiming that California voters now have the tools to take on a government broken by partisanship, IndependentVoice.Org, a statewide association of independent voters, today announced its “Post Partisan” Candidate Endorsement Slate. The group endorsed candidates Bill Bloomfield (No Party Preference, 33rd Congressional District), Marc Levine (Democrat, 10th Assembly District), Chad Walsh (No Party Preference […]

  • Bill Bloomfield Proposes Series of Actions to Provide Housing for Veterans

    Los Angeles, CA – According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, the number of homeless veterans in Los Angeles County at last count in 2011 was over 8,000, up 24% in just two years. Unfortunately, these numbers are only expected to keep rising as our troops return from overseas despite the fact that there […]

  • No Labels Gives Problem-Solvers Seal to Bill Bloomfield

    This week No Labels gave its official Problem-Solvers Seal of Approval to Bill Bloomfield, candidate for Congress in California’s 33rd congressional district. The Problem-Solvers Seal is awarded to candidates or legislators who agree to join No Labels’ emerging “Problem-Solvers Bloc,” a group of lawmakers who are dedicated to working across the aisle to find effective, […]